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The Secret Life of Pets Movie Review | CDRogowski

Movie review: The Secret Life of Pets

I just got back from seeing The Secret Life of Pets. This is a movie which I had promised myself I wouldn’t see in theaters. The trailers were so bad and boring. No good jokes, no character reveals, and no story shown. Unfortunately, that’s because the person editing the trailer had no good jokes, characters, or story to include.

Long and short of it

The story of the film is about a dog, Max, who finds himself with a new roommate. This happens, of course, because his owner decided she wanted a second dog. After the two pups argue and fight for roughly an hour (in-movie time, not run time), they both get picked up by a dog catcher. The two then forge a friendship through their trip (more…)


The Binding of Isaac Review | CDRogowski

The Binding of Isaac review

“The Binding of Isaac is a cartoony dungeon crawl where the player pilots a small child through the labyrinth which is his mom’s basement. Isaac ran into the basement because his mother is convinced that she has been commanded by a higher power to sacrifice her son.” This was the description (or close to it) given to me by my older brother as he tried to convince me to play Isaac for the first time. I was resistant, but with good reason. My older brother was (and still is) known to have strange taste in general, and those preferences really seemed to go off the rails when it came to music, movies, and games. That, and the fact that defeating Freudian enemies by crying seemed like something I could accomplish on my own in my room.

the binding of isaac cover (more…)

Review of Disney’s The Jungle Book | CDRogowski

Disney’s The Jungle Book review

Today I finally got out to my house and made my way to see the new adaptation of The Jungle BookI had an idea of what I was going to see based on the trailers, a lot of CG animals thrown into an okay movie. After seeing the complete film, I am sad to see that my first impression was right on the money. There are critics all over the web praising this movie and there are big box office numbers to back up what all those critics are echoing, but I don’t get it. The movie wasn’t bad, if you wanted to see it you probably will have a good time, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone go out of their way to sit through a showing.

Tiger the jungle book


Panic Room Review and Analysis | CDRogowski

Analysis and review of Panic Room

As promised, we have now returned (at least temporarily) to watching and reviewing films of David Fincher, today’s film was Panic Room. For those who have not seen it, Panic Room is about a mother and daughter who move into a new home which has a “panic room” (basically a stronghold within their house) and have to use it almost immediately as a few guys break into the home thinking it is still vacant, looking for 3 million dollars. The movie was…okay I guess. Far from the best that I have seen from Fincher, and arguably the worst (although I have not seen his entire filmography). To me, all the characters feel so unrealistic and the tone is off. While there are serious moments within the film and characters are supposed to be terrified or frantic, it all plays a bit ‘silly’ and feels like it is meant to be comical. Also, it has a young, foul-mouthed Kristen Stewart who is just as unemoting as ever.

Young kristen stewart in Panic Room (more…)

Waking Sleeping Beauty Review | CDRogowski

Waking Sleeping Beauty review

This movie review is a little out of place, and we will return to the regularly scheduled Fincher movie examinations tomorrow, but I had the opportunity to watch a documentary which has long interested me but I never got the chance to see:  Waking Sleeping Beauty.

As you could probably guess from the title, this documentary is about the Walt Disney Animation Studios, but it has nothing to to with Sleeping Beauty, in fact, it covers the struggles of the animators and the animation division of Disney from the time that animated features were nearly cancelled (around the release of The Black Cauldron). Although I am typically reviewing films and looking at the elements used to tell the story visually, I am a huge fan of documentaries and I was very excited that I finally got to see Waking Sleeping Beauty.

Waking Sleeping Beauty movie image


Review of The Social Network | CDRogowski

The Social Network review

Today is the first day of my week-long look at some of the films of David Fincher and we’re starting with The Social NetworkTo me, TSN is one of those movies that you see, enjoy, but then never really feel the need to see again. Although I enjoy both the story and the technical aspects of the film, it just feels like a strange cross between a documentary and a morality tale. The movie follows the creation and evolution of and the changes made in leadership along the way from inception to the point of over 1,000,000 users. I would recommend this movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet and who is interested in the tech boom, Silicone Valley, or in being an entrepreneur. Now we get to get into the parts that I feel is interesting, the film techniques.

the social network boardroom


No Country for Old Men Review | CDRogowski

No Country for Old Men review

Today I am finishing up my week’s look into the catalog of Coen brothers’ films with my personal favorite, No Country for Old Men. I know that it is likely every film lover on the planet has seen this movie, but if you are one of the few who hasn’t you need to see it as soon as possible. The story follows a man who stumbles into trouble with unsavory people (as is typical in Coen films), a serial killer/hitman (who seems less like a man and more like an unstoppable force) who is on the trail of the man, and an old lawman who is hot on the trail of the killer. Like many Coen brothers films, NCfOM does have small moments of comedy, but because of the situation and acting of  Javier Bardem they come off less as “haha” funny and more of an uncomfortable funny.

no country for old men Javier Bardem