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Classic movies: The Truman Show

For the first time ever, my wife got to watch The Truman Show thanks to a night in and our old pal, Netflix. The decision to sit through this 90’s adventure went as follows:

Me: “Have you ever seen The Truman Show?”

Wife: “Uuuh, I don’t think so.”

Me: “Really? It’s pretty good.”

Wife: “Okay, lets watch it.”

Minimal prodding needed to interest her, and I didn’t even have to give away a single part of the plot (which I think really helped during her first view as the discovery of what is happening was exciting for her). (more…)


Classic Movies With the Wife | CDRogowski

Watching Classic Movies

Those of my regular readers who have followed my work over several years know that I am a HUGE fan of movies. Not just “films” or “cinema,” but grimy horror, chick flicks, and old creature features. As with almost every film nerd, I have seen nearly every movie which critics would consider a “classic” as well as nearly every movie which is known as a pop-culture classic. Recently, while having a conversation with my wife about Back to the Future 2, I was shocked when she revealed that not only had she never seen it, but she had never seen the original Back to the Future either. In her family, films (more…)