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The Secret Life of Pets Movie Review | CDRogowski

Movie review: The Secret Life of Pets

I just got back from seeing The Secret Life of Pets. This is a movie which I had promised myself I wouldn’t see in theaters. The trailers were so bad and boring. No good jokes, no character reveals, and no story shown. Unfortunately, that’s because the person editing the trailer had no good jokes, characters, or story to include.

Long and short of it

The story of the film is about a dog, Max, who finds himself with a new roommate. This happens, of course, because his owner decided she wanted a second dog. After the two pups argue and fight for roughly an hour (in-movie time, not run time), they both get picked up by a dog catcher. The two then forge a friendship through their trip (more…)

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10 Popular Movies You Didn’t Know Were Remakes | CDRogowski

10 movies that were actually remakes

Group of bored people at movie theater

Ever watch a movie and think, “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something like this before…?” For a while now, Hollywood has been criticized for remaking old films instead of producing new original stories. When looking at the list of recent releases from Tinsel Town it’s easy to see why they catch so much flack, more than half of movies released over the last several years have been a rehashing of old stories already committed to film, but there are also several popular movies which most people don’t know are actually remakes. Here is a list of the top 10 movies you didn’t know were remakes:


Drive Color

How a Movie Uses Color Themes | CDRogowski

Color themes in a movie

This is an interesting subject and tool used in films that I have only now realized. Directors have been using it to manipulate my emotions and tie clues together for me for years, right under my nose! If colors are not something you have noticed in films before, after reading this I’m sure you will look for it every time you sit in front of the screen (at least I have been).

I first noticed the use of color theme only because I saw a film which nearly (more…)