Korean Imports Do Not Make A Good Team | CDRogowski

Korean imports aren’t a silver bullet

Here it comes, another rant/article based mostly on hunches that I have regarding the League of Legends scene. I will put a disclaimer up front, I do not have any hard evidence that the mindset I will be describing within this post is is, in fact, how owners/coaches/players feel, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not far off. There has been a trend in League for the last several years where a struggling team will throw money at an aging Korean player in exchange for a season of play. The reaction that most teams have where they feel picking up a proven Korean player is understandable, a good player anywhere in the world is still a good player (as we recently saw at MSI), and yes, the Korean LCK has been the most dominant region in international play for many years now, but simply picking a player from a successful team in hopes of him turning the fortunes of your own team is a terrible tactic. Why do so many teams keep falling into this trap after seeing other teams fail using the vary same idea unsuccessfully before them?

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