Why We Love Bad Food | CDRogowski

Love for bad food

I was speaking with someone the other day about my writing pre-esports and what I wrote about. After explaining my love for creature feature flicks (my semi-secret obsession), I proceeded to tell him about this one article that I had posted about my love and loathing of mediocre food. You know exactly what I mean, there are healthier or better tasting options available, but sometimes the greasy, artificially flavored, or semi-stale is what really hits the spot. I dug up the article and decided it would be fun to post here for all my new readers to see. So, I would like to present to you, from late 2012 (first published early 2013):

Waffle House (more…)


WESA: Is an Esports Governing Body Feasible? | CDRogowski

WESA: Esports governing body

The world of esports was set ablaze last week when this picture was posted by a printing center employee:

WESA leak

In the image there is clear presentation of some of the largest, most successful esports organizations in the western world including Fnatic, Ninjas in Pajamas, G2 Esports, Mousesports, Virtus.pro FaZe, Natus Vincereand Team EnVyUs, along with the logo for ESL. Speculation immediately became the  (more…)

Passion Makes the Best Esports Writer | CDRogowski

Every esports writer needs passion

Esports as an industry has seen an insane amount of growth over the last several years. I remember watching the Season 1 World Championship for League of Legends and thinking that it was amazing I could actually watch some of the world’s best players duke it out in a game which I was obsessed with myself. Around that same time I stumbled my way into VODs from the Korean Brood War scene and was transfixed by players like Flash and Boxer playing the same game which I loved during my childhood, but at a level of efficiency that blew my mind. I recall thinking “if there was more money in esports, this would be huge” and it turns out that I knew what I was talking about.

Starcraft brood war (more…)

YellOwStaR Back to Fnatic, Maybe Too Late | CDRogowski

YellOwStaR can’t make Fnatic #1

Today the world renowned support player (and former world champion according some confused bloggers) who had called Fnatic his home, returns to it. Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim will now be seen once again adorning the orange and black of Fnatic after a short, and disappointing, stint in the North American LCS with Team Solomid. YellOwStaR was brought across the Atlantic to participate in the newly formed NA “super team,” but seemed to become disenchanted with the team and NA after Solomid went 9 – 9 in the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split.

Yellowstar with fnatic flag (more…)

Thorin Bashes Recent Esports Journalism | CDRogowski

Thorin versus esports journalism

Recently, an esports journalist named Thorin sent out the following tweet:


It seems like the self-proclaimed “esports historian” is either going full hipster with this tweet, wanting to exclude those who are already excluded and wanting to make the world of competitive gaming more and more niche, or he is (more…)

Cloud 9 Sign Reapered | CDRogowski

Reapered goes to Cloud 9

The Cloud 9 esports organization is usually known throughout the web for one of two things, either:

A) Storming into the NA LCS scene in the 2013 Summer Split and having consistent high finishes later riddled with roster shakeups


B) That one team with Sneaky and Meteos, the self-proclaimed meme masters who live stream with sarcasm being the default setting.

Cloud 9 Sneaky and Meteos


Are Professional Gaming Houses a Good Idea? | CDRogowski

Professional gaming houses

In the large and ever growing Esports scene of today it is extremely common for many teams to have a “gaming house,” a place where all of the players play, practice, eat, sleep, strategize, and all around combine their personal and professional lives into a single living space. Although this is common practice throughout the world for many games (especially League of Legends), I would submit to you that there are some very real dangers of having an entire team of gaming stars under one roof. Also, There are a few simple reasons why new teams continue the trend of putting both the business and player sides into a single home in the suburbs, and it’s not to keep up the tradition.

zRjc2dm (more…)