Korean Imports Do Not Make A Good Team | CDRogowski

Korean imports aren’t a silver bullet

Here it comes, another rant/article based mostly on hunches that I have regarding the League of Legends scene. I will put a disclaimer up front, I do not have any hard evidence that the mindset I will be describing within this post is is, in fact, how owners/coaches/players feel, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not far off. There has been a trend in League for the last several years where a struggling team will throw money at an aging Korean player in exchange for a season of play. The reaction that most teams have where they feel picking up a proven Korean player is understandable, a good player anywhere in the world is still a good player (as we recently saw at MSI), and yes, the Korean LCK has been the most dominant region in international play for many years now, but simply picking a player from a successful team in hopes of him turning the fortunes of your own team is a terrible tactic. Why do so many teams keep falling into this trap after seeing other teams fail using the vary same idea unsuccessfully before them?

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Esports Continues Growing | CDRogowski

Esports still growing

As an adult, a common question people ask when getting to know you is “What do you do for a living?” When I answer “I write about esports. You know, professional video games” people typically look confused and almost always reply with some form of “Wait, people actually watch video games?” Of course people watch video games! Aside from being the number 1 category of videos on YouTube, some esports events have had viewership greater than that of the NBA finals or the World Series. Besides, is watching a game any more strange than watching people cook like on Food Network, sew a dress like on Project Runway, or checking in on the Kardashians (whatever it is they do).

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The Binding of Isaac Review | CDRogowski

The Binding of Isaac review

“The Binding of Isaac is a cartoony dungeon crawl where the player pilots a small child through the labyrinth which is his mom’s basement. Isaac ran into the basement because his mother is convinced that she has been commanded by a higher power to sacrifice her son.” This was the description (or close to it) given to me by my older brother as he tried to convince me to play Isaac for the first time. I was resistant, but with good reason. My older brother was (and still is) known to have strange taste in general, and those preferences really seemed to go off the rails when it came to music, movies, and games. That, and the fact that defeating Freudian enemies by crying seemed like something I could accomplish on my own in my room.

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WESA: Is an Esports Governing Body Feasible? | CDRogowski

WESA: Esports governing body

The world of esports was set ablaze last week when this picture was posted by a printing center employee:

WESA leak

In the image there is clear presentation of some of the largest, most successful esports organizations in the western world including Fnatic, Ninjas in Pajamas, G2 Esports, Mousesports, FaZe, Natus Vincereand Team EnVyUs, along with the logo for ESL. Speculation immediately became the  (more…)

Passion Makes the Best Esports Writer | CDRogowski

Every esports writer needs passion

Esports as an industry has seen an insane amount of growth over the last several years. I remember watching the Season 1 World Championship for League of Legends and thinking that it was amazing I could actually watch some of the world’s best players duke it out in a game which I was obsessed with myself. Around that same time I stumbled my way into VODs from the Korean Brood War scene and was transfixed by players like Flash and Boxer playing the same game which I loved during my childhood, but at a level of efficiency that blew my mind. I recall thinking “if there was more money in esports, this would be huge” and it turns out that I knew what I was talking about.

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YellOwStaR Back to Fnatic, Maybe Too Late | CDRogowski

YellOwStaR can’t make Fnatic #1

Today the world renowned support player (and former world champion according some confused bloggers) who had called Fnatic his home, returns to it. Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim will now be seen once again adorning the orange and black of Fnatic after a short, and disappointing, stint in the North American LCS with Team Solomid. YellOwStaR was brought across the Atlantic to participate in the newly formed NA “super team,” but seemed to become disenchanted with the team and NA after Solomid went 9 – 9 in the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split.

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Thorin Bashes Recent Esports Journalism | CDRogowski

Thorin versus esports journalism

Recently, an esports journalist named Thorin sent out the following tweet:


It seems like the self-proclaimed “esports historian” is either going full hipster with this tweet, wanting to exclude those who are already excluded and wanting to make the world of competitive gaming more and more niche, or he is (more…)