Group of bored people at movie theater

10 Popular Movies You Didn’t Know Were Remakes | CDRogowski

10 movies that were actually remakes

Group of bored people at movie theater

Ever watch a movie and think, “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something like this before…?” For a while now, Hollywood has been criticized for remaking old films instead of producing new original stories. When looking at the list of recent releases from Tinsel Town it’s easy to see why they catch so much flack, more than half of movies released over the last several years have been a rehashing of old stories already committed to film, but there are also several popular movies which most people don’t know are actually remakes. Here is a list of the top 10 movies you didn’t know were remakes:

#10 – The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1995):

The computer wore tennis shoes movie posterThis classic made-for-TV Disney movie starring Kirk Cameron holds an interesting spot on our list because not only was it a remake of the 1969 film of the same name, but it was originally produced by Disney as well. The only movie on our list where both the original and the remake were produced by the same company, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes saw better reviews and reception in the later rendition.

#9 – Father of the Bride (1991):

original father of the bride bride and dad
Father of the Bride was a smash hit in the early 1990’s and has seen continued love from fans over the last few decades. With a great performance by Steve Martin, this movie is considered to be one of the best romantic comedies ever and is even listed on Bravo’s “100 Funniest Movies.” Turns out the movie is also a near exact remake of a film of the same name released originally in 1950.


#8 – Four Brothers (2005):The sons of Katie Elder movie poster

This American action flick starring Marky Mark garnered mixed reviews, but the adrenaline pumping, high octane, fast pace of this remake is actually quite a shift from the original tone. The Sons of Katie Elder, the film which Four Brothers is based off of, is actually a mild-mannered western starring the Duke, John Wayne. If the two ever met up, my money is on Wayne.


#7 – The Lake House (2006):Il Mare lake house mail box

The idea of a time-travelling lake house which allows 2 strangers to connect to one another across multi-dimensional timelines was seen by many as a terrible idea for a movie. Turns out the writers of 2006’s The Lake House didn’t even come up with the idea themselves, the movie is a remake of a Korean film from only 6 years earlier named Il Mare.


#6 – Cape Fear (1991):Cape fear contrast of original and new

Regarded by many as one of the best non-gangster movies Martin Scorsese ever made, Cape Fear is actually a remake of a film of the same name directed by J. Lee Thompson back in 1962. Although Scorsese’s attempt at the story of Max Cady is seen by most as the better of the two, the original still holds on in the industry and was even redistributed on Blu-ray back in 2013.


#5 – Mr. Deeds (2002):Mr deeds goes to town movie poster original

After several successes with films such as Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, Adam Sandler decided it was time to give his creative muscles a rest and remake an old story from the 1930’s. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town was released in 1936 and even won its director, Frank Capra, an Oscar. Given the acclaim of the original film, it’s no surprise that the 2002 version was seen as a flop compared to its predecessor.


#4 – Meet Joe Black (1998):Death Takes a Holiday movie poster

This film starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins is based on a film from the 1930’s called Death Takes a Holiday. Although the remake had a healthy box office return world-wide, it is the original which was better received by the American public and critics alike.


#3 – The Departed (2006):Infernal Affairs hong kong thriller poster

Another Scorsese film on the list? The Departed was released in 2006 to universal acclaim, but the gangster drama is not an original story. The 2006 block buster was following the trail blazed by another movie, Infernal Affairs. Infernal Affairs is a 2002 Hong Kong crime thriller which The Departed follows nearly beat by beat. Although, it is hard to argue that the original is a better movie overall considering that The Departed took home the 2007 Best Picture Oscar.


#2 – The Thing (1982):The thing from another world opening

Yes, there was a reboot of The Thing in 2011, but did you also know that John Carpenter’s rendition of The Thing was a remake of a film from 1951? The Thing from Another World was the first visual telling of the story originally written by John W. Campbell, Jr. The first film includes several scenes similar to the 1982 version, but the advancements in practical effects made John Carpenter’s telling the definitive version of the story.


#1 – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013):the secret life of walter mitty original movie poster

Although this 2013 venture by Ben Stiller was polarizing critics and winning awards, the story of Walter Mitty’s film career actually began nearly 70 years earlier. The original version of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was released 1947 and enjoyed resounding success including being listed as one of the 500 greatest movies of all time according to Empire Magazine.


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