Classic Movies With the Wife | CDRogowski

Watching Classic Movies

Those of my regular readers who have followed my work over several years know that I am a HUGE fan of movies. Not just “films” or “cinema,” but grimy horror, chick flicks, and old creature features. As with almost every film nerd, I have seen nearly every movie which critics would consider a “classic” as well as nearly every movie which is known as a pop-culture classic. Recently, while having a conversation with my wife aboutĀ Back to the Future 2, I was shocked when she revealed that not only had she never seen it, but she had never seen the originalĀ Back to the Future either. In her family, films were not the primary form of entertainment and so as I googled and started rattling off titles of common favorite movies from the 80’s and 90’s she followed nearly every question with “nope” or “never heard of it.” Finally, in complete disbelief, I told her that I had no idea she had seen so little of the movies which made my (and most of our peers’) childhood and vowed that I would help her fill out her classic movie knowledge. I think I am more excited about the prospect than she is.

In addition to my normal esports commentary/criticism and opinion pieces about films, I will now be writing short reviews and reactions to re-watching these nostalgic films with my wife. This is not going to be a scheduled feature in the blog, nor will I be going out of the way to make my poor, long-suffering wife watch all the pop-culture flicks she’s missed in a lifetime of time better spent. As we sit together and watch the “greatest” films of yesteryear I am excited to see how she perceives these stories which have become ingrained in mainstream culture and am very excited about relaying her reactions to all of you.


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