Thorin Bashes Recent Esports Journalism | CDRogowski

Thorin versus esports journalism

Recently, an esports journalist named Thorin sent out the following tweet:


It seems like the self-proclaimed “esports historian” is either going full hipster with this tweet, wanting to exclude those who are already excluded and wanting to make the world of competitive gaming more and more niche, or he is indirectly targeting casual esports writers because they do not do enough research to uncover their own stories or have enough info to make truly informed observations (most of which will go over the head of those who do not follow the competitive scene which they are writing about). Personally, I feel like it may be a saddened yield to the couple of major sites which look to intentionally water down and simplify stories not for the ease of reading, but because the lowest common denominator articles in any space produce more clicks.

I’m not one to fight for “real journalism” or for the importance of “in-depth pieces”, I am a blogger for Pete’s sake, but I do understand that each piece of content placed online was uploaded for a specific purpose. Whether or not the intended purpose aligns with your own is beyond your control. If this is, indeed, what Thorin was referring to then I would have to say I kind of agree. It is sad, but who gets to make the determination of which side each esports writer lands on?

I adopt a bit of a punk rock attitude when it comes to this blog. I get to write about whatever I want, release it whenever I want, express my opinions in as formal or ridiculous a manner as I like, and at the end of the day I do it because I enjoy contributing into the League community which I have been a part of for 6+ years. If my desire to participate in the esports space is not “professional” enough, then you, as the reader, have the option to completely ignore me and live a Cameron free life. For those of you who do not take online writing too seriously because you enjoy what you do and appreciate contributions from non-journalists, you are the real heroes of esports.



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