Cloud 9 Sign Reapered | CDRogowski

Reapered goes to Cloud 9

The Cloud 9 esports organization is usually known throughout the web for one of two things, either:

A) Storming into the NA LCS scene in the 2013 Summer Split and having consistent high finishes later riddled with roster shakeups


B) That one team with Sneaky and Meteos, the self-proclaimed meme masters who live stream with sarcasm being the default setting.

Cloud 9 Sneaky and Meteos

Strangely, as the League of Legends scene has grown immensely since the initial C9 run, many players seem to know the team by the latter. During the period between Spring and Summer LCS splits, the team has decided to train in Korea, and it looks like they may come back home one man stronger than they arrived. Yesterday, there was a supposed “leak” during Sneaky’s live stream which may have revealed one of the great names from LoL’s yesteryear is joining the team for a get together at least, Reapered (the VOD for this “leak” can be seen here. WARNING, there is NSFW language). Obviously, I use the word “leak” very cautiously because many times the LoL community has fake leaks and misinformation spread through casual conversation caught on stream, but as the broadcaster was not the one who said it himself AND Reapered is actively looking to join a new organization, I have a bit of optimism towards the rumor being true.

For those of you who have joined the scene recently and don’t know who Reapered is, he is a Korean player who had spent some time with several high-profile clubs as a player (Azubu Blaze, SKT T1, Jin Air Green Wings), and later coached the highly touted Chinese team Edward Gaming. As Cloud 9 just yesterday released a video announcing that Impact has joined and will be their top laner (the position Reapered played) and Meteos has returned to the roster to fill the jungle role (announcement video can be seen here), it seems that there is no open position on the rift for him to fill. IF C9 has actually picked up Reapered, it will be in a coaching or analyst capacity, both roles which he will be more than happy to fill.reapered cloud 9


Did Cloud 9 bring the once revered top laner onto the coaching staff? No confirmation has been given yet from the organization or Reapered himself, but there has been no mention of the news at all. I guess we will have to wait it out and see if the Vlad beast will make his return for more blood.


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