League of Legends MSI 2016 Playoff Predictions | CDRogowski

League of Legends MSI 2016 predictions

Well, the group stage of MSI has finished and now we are less than a week away from the semi finals/finals, this one is less of an article and more of just a fun shot in the dark (lets be honest, with how the tournament has been going a shot in the dark is all anyone’s guess really is). Here is my prediction for the outcome of MSI 2016:


SKT vs. RNG: SKT 2 – 3 RNG

Why pick China’s Royal Never Give Up over Korea’s SKT-T1? I feel that China has shown (pretty convincingly) that they are the best playing squad at MSI this year. I do give Korea 2 games because they have been picking it up since their 4 game losing streak, and they are great in best of series, but I feel like this is more the SKT we saw during the LCK season not the SKT from the past 2 worlds performances.


CLG vs. FW: CLG 1 – 3 FW

I know this is an unpopular opinion and I would agree whole heartedly that Counter Logic Gaming has looked better this tournament than they have for a LONG time. Darshan and Aphromoo have both shown up big and Xmithie and Stixxay are looking very solid in their roles, but I feel that HuHi is not playing great and continues to pick champs who he is not very comfortable or practiced on (Azir, Aurelion Sol). In a best of series against Maple I think that the mid will be snowballed beyond their control. Flash Wolves did have a difficult time at points in MSI, but I think that they will be able to pull it together and tighten the loose map movements against the NA squad.


RNG vs. FW:  RNG 3 – 1 FW

As much as I love an underdog story, I don’t think that anyone will be able to take down RNG this MSI. Not only did they have the best record during the group stage, but they looked incredible while taking down each and every team. There were close games, but I think that in this match up in particular the members of RNG with outclass the members of Flash Wolves. It’s not the final that most fans want to see, but it is the final that the Chinese crowd is looking for at MSI and I have a good feeling that they are all going to leave the stadium happy.


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