Panic Room Review and Analysis | CDRogowski

Analysis and review of Panic Room

As promised, we have now returned (at least temporarily) to watching and reviewing films of David Fincher, today’s film was Panic Room. For those who have not seen it, Panic Room is about a mother and daughter who move into a new home which has a “panic room” (basically a stronghold within their house) and have to use it almost immediately as a few guys break into the home thinking it is still vacant, looking for 3 million dollars. The movie was…okay I guess. Far from the best that I have seen from Fincher, and arguably the worst (although I have not seen his entire filmography). To me, all the characters feel so unrealistic and the tone is off. While there are serious moments within the film and characters are supposed to be terrified or frantic, it all plays a bit ‘silly’ and feels like it is meant to be comical. Also, it has a young, foul-mouthed Kristen Stewart who is just as unemoting as ever.

Young kristen stewart in Panic Room

One thing that I can say about this film, the camera work and shot selection are VERY Fincher. There are a lot of transitions where the camera is going through walls/ceilings/floors and all the camera work (even in high intensity situations) is very calm, fluid, and robotic. This style of camera movement is what I really notice in Fincher’s work, it feels like the camera is not a character, nor is it really in the situation, his films almost feel like they are shown from the viewpoint of an all-seeing being far removed from any actual story.


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