The Ladykillers review | CDRogowski

Review of The Ladykillers

Alright, lets get this over with. Today I continued my look into the Coen brothers’ filmography by watching The Ladykillers. I’m going to go ahead and keep this article short and sweet. The Ladykillers is about a strange group of guys who have a plot to rob a riverboat casino. The mood of the film is somewhere between Raising Arizona‘s slap stick humor, and something like Ocean’s Eleven, unfortunately, not the greatest parts of both. The movie was alright. Opening and establishing the small southern town which seems to be caught in limbo between the “good ol’ days” and our modern time really intrigued me, but I was quickly puzzled and confused on why Tom Hanks was playing a villain from the world of Rocky and Bullwinkle. The acting was extremely overdone (not something that is uncommon in many of the Coen films) and the casting was more than strange. Unfortunately, the movie ended up having to try and win me back after I realized that, yep, those are actually the actors and characters that we are using for this story. All in all, not the worst Coen film I’ve watch so far in my look at their movies, but far from the best.



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