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Beginning Analysis of Alfred Hitchcock | CDRogowski

Analysis of Alfred Hitchcock

I have always found that seeing a demonstration of a skill along with the explanation is the best way for me to fully grasp a new concept. As a new filmmaker starting from almost zero, but with a true passion for film, I have decided that I will start watching one film each day with an analytical eye. I feel that there is no better way for me to learn the craft and find my style than to watch hundreds of films and glean what I like from each of them. I figure the best way to go about this new task is to take either the entire catalog (or at least a healthy chunk) from one director and determine which parts of their film and style I enjoy and which parts I would rather not emulate.

As I will be watching a new film each day, the written pieces of content on this site will mostly be a collection of my thoughts and feelings on each of these films. For regular readers, if I come to a director you do not like, come back in a week or two and I will be taking a look at the films of someone completely different. I feel that I would like to start this project with a director who is nearly universally regarded as one of the greatest visual storytellers of all time:  Alfred Hitchcock. Obviously, I cannot do all of Hitchcock’s films as it would take more than a couple months, but I am looking at between 7 and 12 of his movies as the subjects.

You can look forward to a slew of articles about the films of Hitchcock and my take away from each one on a daily basis. I am very excited about this new part of my project and I can’t wait to start watching the films!


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