Mr. Robot

USA Network’s Mr Robot Review | CDRogowski

Review of Mr Robot on USA Network

There is so much good stuff to watch these days in both film and television, TV especially! Who would have thought that the hot streak of good shows would not only continue for nearly the last decade, but it has grown and spread to nearly every network. It’s insane! As there is so much to watch I am a bit behind, but I finally got my hands on a show that I have been wanting to watch since I saw the first trailer, and although I am not even halfway through the 1st season, I have to type up a big thumbs up for the USA Network. Of course I’m talking about Mr. Robot (MR).

Mr Robot split face poster

USA Network has had its share of charming shows throughout the years (White Collar is one of my personal favorites) but I don’t think anyone who watches a lot of TV would argue with me when I say that USA’s shows are typically a little campy. Mr. Robot is not a campy, bright, well-lit story that both opens and solves a problem within the 45ish minute episode. The first thing I noticed while watching MR is that it is much more grimy and dirty than any episode of Psych or Burn Notice. Right off the bat, I love the extended opening and delayed title cards. The production value seems much higher and the writing seems much more real in both situations and dialog. I also really appreciate that the show moves on quickly without fully showing its hand or holding the hand of the viewer. One of my biggest pet peeves in shows/movies is when the entire situation is explained in a scene of dialog between to characters, so I am happy to see a complete absence of that behavior so far. I also am loving the narration (which is currently being played off as our main character talking to himself in his head), maybe narration isn’t the right word, the running commentary(?). I feel that it adds a layer of depth to the character that cannot be show through acting and visuals because it allows the character to lie to himself (and thus, the audience) about any situation, which has a lot of potential to keep things interesting.

Mr. Robot hands up in victory

Overall I am pretty stoked to have finally started watching Mr. Robot after so long in the dark. I have heard a lot of great things and will be writing a follow up piece after I finish the first season to see if the aspects I loved stayed consistent, or if the show evolves further into something entirely unexpected.



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